Managed Services

At Computer Resources , we understand that system downtime is costly to your business. We also understand the challenge of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuously changing technology. Our goal is to keep your IT system operational, secure and productive so you can focus on expanding your business, managing your costs and increasing your revenue.

We accomplish this using Managed Services by CR. This proactive approach to IT administration keeps your computers running efficiently, allowing you to spend time using your systems rather than struggling with them. Our Managed Services include PC auditing and license inventory, update and patch management, performance and log monitoring, remote access for immediate service, antivirus prevention and security management, and support calls during business hours. 24/7 Support is available to keep your critical business functions running after normal business hours.

How does it work?

CR offers multiple tiers of service, each available at a fixed or estimated block time cost, so you can plan your IT budget in advance with no unpleasant surprises. We can offer you complete IT coverage at a fixed monthy rate, or we can offer different packages to cover components you select to fit your budget. We offer one complete package for servers, two levels of coverage for workstations, critical peripheral support, and IT phone support to suit your requirements