PC Services

Macbook repair and all makers and models of laptops and desktop is an easy-peasy to our experienced and qualified technicians. These types of repairs will be performed in our shop.
We are delighted to service all kinds of computers like macbook repair, desktop, laptops, and computer makers and models, and even printers as it gives us an opportunity to discuss client requirements, discover the root cause of a computers problem and implement corrective actions leading to client satisfaction. Try us now! No problems are too small or too big.

How does it work?

Our primary workshop is located at the Computer Resources Cairns shop at Plaza 200 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt Cairns QLD 4870. We have a team of computer technical specialists who take broken computers and find solutions. Occasionally computers are so broken that we remove the hard drive and insert it into a USB case then sell the client one of our remanufactured computers with three months warranty. We have been delivering excellent value for money computing services since 1982 across far North Queensland both through our shop for retail clients and attending client business premises, ensuring business productivity remains consistently high.

What’s Included?

How much does it cost?
Computer Resources provides services at commercial rates and our deep experience with computer repairs means we complete client computer repairs efficiently and economically. A charge of $66.00 plus GST covers the time required to investigate problems on computers, and either resolve the problem within half an hour, or prepare a quotation for the repair and discuss this with the client before proceeding with the clients agreement.
Can I upgrade my computer?

At Computer Resources, we love to upgrade client computers with the latest technology as well as performing deep cleans and malware and virus scrubs.  The result delights our clients.

Remote Support Services

Computer Resources delivers remote monitoring and support services including anti-virus solutions for our clients and this allows us to work with our clients to remotely log onto client machines, while the client is watching and resolve many problems without the client driving in to Westcourt, Cairns.